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Existential metaphores.
Sculpture on iron by Oscar Wiggli – Essay at artistic positioning

Three main steps – Oscar Wiggli has dedicated all his life to Eros, vital force. This has structured his plastic work into three objectives through stages that are formally different. He achieved his objectives step by step in the time frame, but changes happened and still do, providing new solutions.
The sensual and obsessional experience of the female body drives his interpretation of his sensations by mimetic representations of the body. The formal problem caused by the use of larger and larger iron plates led to the workings of axiomatic geometrics on basic forms. This suggests the physical reality of a female body by cryptic evocations.
The ability of using large sledgehammers allowed him to create a series of grand archaic idols which are not strictly feminine, but simply portray human existence.
Matthias Frehner
In: Oscar Wiggli – Corps Espace Son, Editions Benteli, CH-Berne, 2007

ESUM88Ept Oscar Wiggli works at the ESUM sculpture for the Université Miséricorde, Fribourg in the Von Roll steel factory, 1990.